Barco UDX-4K32 sur la tournée mondiale Joanne de Lady Gaga

by Steve Jennings (Photos & Text) PLSN
Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour is a two-hour extravaganza to behold. Her performance starts on a main stage. She later walks out into the arena via bridges that lower from the ceiling, bringing her to three intimate stages within the audience… for closer fan interaction. We spoke with key members of the production that bring this all together.
Solotech is providing both lighting and video for the tour. In the house, there are 22 Barco laser projectors — UDX-4K32 models. They project onto the three Pods, as well as the bridges that drop down from them. They’re a new product for us, and so far, the results are very good and the possibilities are inspiring.” Says  Dean Roney from Solotech
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