Claypaky Dominates at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

May 26th, 2021- The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was held this year at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam on May 18 through 20 and 22, 2021.
Claypaky dominates at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

We all know that the stage had been redesigned and that the ESC 2021 organizers had decided to maintain last year’s technical setup, as the event was cancelled due to the pandemic. More than 480 Claypaky XTYLOS fixtures were specified and were the key fixture to illuminate this year’s show.

Claypaky wishes to thank all the distributors and partners for the positive feedback and congratulatory messages we received after the show concluded. Your trust and continued enthusiastic support fuels our energy to continue to push our research and development for innovation and improvement. Thanks to the outstanding performance of our XTYLOS , we feel like Italy won the ESC twice: not only on the stage, but also on the lighting rig!

Alberico Emilio D’Amato (Sales Director) with Marcus Graser (CEO)

Marcus Graser, Claypaky CEO, took part in the event and says: “We have been looking forward to this event, not only because it’s fun, but because we trusted it could represent a fresh start and a clear reminder to all of us of how much we love shows and how lighting not only illuminates stages, but sparks emotions.

I was not sure I could remember how it felt to participate in such an event, but when the show started it was even more powerful than I remembered!

After most probably the toughest year yet for the world of entertainment, the Eurovision Song Contest has been an extremely important milestone for me – we can start looking to the future of entertainment with renewed hope, and we can be confident that the world of events and entertainment is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In this specific occasion the Claypaky XTYLOS granted an excellent performance and they proved to be a perfect fixture not only for live events , but also for live broadcasting.”

After seeing so many XTYLOS at ESC, even we, as the manufacturers, are continuously amazed by the effects this fixture can create. We are convinced that no other fixture currently available in the market could create such solid beams with such vivid and saturated colors. XTYLOS stands out for its performance and reliability during the performance and proved to be an unrivaled compact and fast fixture. Because of its innovative technology, XTYLOS is extremely energy efficient.

The Xtylos

We are confident that our partners will continue believing in XTYLOS. Of course, you can always refer to your SC Media Canada Sales Representative in case any support is needed.

We have an incredible product in our hands. Together we can make it one of the most popular fixtures ever to hit the entertainment lighting market.

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