SC Media's Brad Fox receives advanced Coda system optimiser certification as well as advanced SSL training

October 18th, 2022– Our In-house Audio Product Specialist has received Advanced System Optimiser Training from Coda Audio, as well as Advanced Training on Live, Studio and Broadcast Consoles at SSL UK HQ in Begbroke, UK.


Brad Fox (fifth from the right) celebrates his Advanced System Optimiser Training

Brad spent 3 days at Coda Audio HQ in Hannover, Germany, with distribution partners from around the world, taking a deep dive into the System Optimiser software.

System Optimiser is Coda Audio’s proprietary design software, which has been in beta for quite some time but will go live soon. Version 1.0 will include ALL Coda Audio speakers, which the current version cannot do.

System Optimiser allows users the ability to create extremely accurate direct field acoustic maps, integrating the performance characteristics of Coda speakers in the design.

Partner System Optimiser Session 1

Brad then made the journey to Oxford, UK to visit our new partners at Solid State logic to receive personalized an in depth training on SSL Live, Studio and Broadcast consoles. 

Mark (--), expert in Broadcast Consoles
Brad Fox with a Duality Console at SSL UK HQ
SSL Origin Console, with a modifiable centre section on display for training

Brad spent 2 full days, receiving extremely personalized training on Live, Studio and Broadcast consoles from SSL. 

In Broadcast, Brad spent time diving deeper into programming System Broadcast Consoles (S500, S300, etc.), as well as conducting a vast overview of operating systems and Tempest Engines.

In Live, Brad deepened his knowledge of programming Live consoles, conducted an overview of operating systems, and got a deeper look at the various programming and operation functions the SSL Live consoles can perform.

Finally, in Studio Brad got to dive deep into the Origin board, and perfomed a general wide-reaching overview of the AWS and Duality boards.

SC Media is proud to have certified and trained product specialists available to our customers to perform high-level installations or to support the sales of rental/staging product! 

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